Joe Hachem Profile

To many regular Australian poker players out there, Joe Hachem is someone to admire and aspire to. After years of just playing casually he started playing more seriously and frequently, entering regular tournaments before ending up the world poker champion.

Joe Hachem was born in the Lebanon in 1966 and when he was six years old his family moved to Melbourne where he was brought up. He began playing poker in his late teens, but it was little more than a pastime and a social thing... It certainly wasn’t his career. He made his living as a chiropractor, but had to give up his 13 year career in that field after developing a rare blood disorder affecting the blood vessels in his hand.

Learning the Game

What might have seemed at first like a blow to his livelihood actually was, on reflection, probably a blessing in disguise. Joe had occasionally played in a few poker tournaments over the years, but while recuperating from his illness he began to play more at casinos in Melbourne, and also online, working hard to improve his game. Having the time to devote to poker certainly paid off as he started to play regularly in tournaments around 2000 where he frequently picked up prize money.

Joe spent the next five years honing and improving his game while playing the tournament circuit in Melbourne. The turning point in his career came when he entered the 2005 World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Going into the tournament he was a relatively unknown player, but by the time of the final flop, he was the World champion and Australia’s first poker superstar. The winning prize money was a staggering $7,500,000 and at the time was the largest ever prize in sports or television history.

The following year at the WSOP he finished second in the $2,500 short-handed no limit hold 'em event taking home a prize of $256,800. He also took fourth place in the $2,500 pot limit hold'em tournament. In the main event Hachem finished down the field in a disappointing 238th place but still earned over $42,000.

Recent Poker Career

He was back to winning ways later in the year however when he won his first World Poker Tour title in Las Vegas. He came out on top in a field of 583 players to earn $2.2 million. This made Joe one of only a handful of poker players to win a World Series of Poker main event and a World Poker Tour Championship.

These days Joe still lives in Melbourne with wife Jeanie and his four children. He owns a mortgage company and in his spare time loves nothing better than playing around of golf with friends. Joe still continues to take part in poker tournaments and finished third in the 2012 Aussie Millions no limit hold’em $1000, 000 challenge. He is still ranked in the top ten of the highest ever money earners in poker with total prize money of almost $11.75million to date and also tops the Australian poker players all time money list.

Joe Hachem was and is just a regular guy who found himself looking to poker to make money and did just that: more than that he gained world-wide esteem along the way. There are many great success stories in the world of poker, and online poker has made it more possible than ever for people like Joe - and you to win big and have a great time with little expense and no travel. Start now and you could be winning the big poker hands just like Joe did.