Discover New Online Poker Sites

New Online Poker SitesNew online poker sites are cropping up at a remarkable rate in 2024, giving Australian players more choice than ever before when it comes to deciding where to play poker online. The only tricky part is determining which are the best new online poker sites for Aussie players, and our team has done the hard work for you. Though it has been servicing Australian players for a number of years, the constant innovation and a recent software overhaul at means that the site is as good as new, making it the perfect places for Aussies to play in 2024.

  • Enjoy the latest software and best graphics at new poker sites
  • Generous welcome bonuses to draw in new players
  • Regular big-money promotions to keep you playing

Are New Sites Worth It?

Whenever new AU online poker sites pop up, regardless of their long-term ambitions they will always have one thing in common: the need to attract new players. For this reason, new online poker rooms give plenty of incentives for new players.

Some of the best welcome bonuses for Aussie players come from new websites, as they look to build up a loyal player base from scratch. Because of this, any player from Australia looking for a change of scenery could do a lot worse than signing up with a brand new online poker site.

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The Advantages & Disadvantages

New online poker sites for Aussie players will often launch with some generous bonus offers, in an effort to drum up some excitement and populate the poker tables from the word go. Often these offers will be better than anything available at more established sites, purely for this reason.

However there are some disadvantages, most notably the potential for a small player base at first as a site begins from scratch. Still, if you can ride this out until a new online poker site reaches a reasonable size, the benefits can easily outweigh the disadvantages.

Our reviewers know what to look for in a new online poker room for Aussie players.

We Have Picked Out the Best New Poker Rooms

Our reviewers have checked out the newest online poker sites in 2024, and will continue to do so as new AU online poker sites keep cropping up. They know what to look for in a new online poker room for Aussie players, and will rate each Australian site accordingly.

As well as considerations specific to the newest sites, our team of experienced poker players knows to look out for features such as great bonuses, large player bases and a wide variety of poker variants on offer. When it comes to looking for new online poker sites, we have all bases covered.


Why do New Sites Keep Popping Up?

In the last decade or so, poker has grown exponentially, with the increase in the World Series of Poker main event field size just the tip of the iceberg. Naturally, as interest in poker has grown, more and more entrepreneurs have taken up the game and ultimately turned their attention to the online form on desktop and mobile devices, some simply setting up new online poker sites for Aussie players as a labour of love.

On the other side of the coin, you have an increasing number of sportsbooks and casinos, many of them with a land-based presence, who have moved to enter the internet poker space. Some of them set up new AU online poker sites as an accompaniment to their existing online sports or casino offering, while others may opt to launch everything online at once (a full suite of poker, casino, sportsbook and more) in an attempt to replicate their land-based success.

Are They Trustworthy?

It is worth remembering that every site offering poker online started out as a new site at some point. Even the biggest internet poker rooms around in 2024 were once upon a time no different from many of the new online poker sites you see today, working hard to carve out a niche for itself and stick around in the online poker market for years to come.

Just because one of the new online poker sites in Australia has not been around for that long doesn't mean it isn't worth checking out. If you rule out new online poker sites in 2024 just because they are new, you could me missing out on a great online poker experience.

Are there any benefits to using new online poker sites?

Yes. New online sites might have the latest software and lobby design to set themselves apart from the competition. They may also throw money into big prize giveaways and attractive welcome bonus offers.

Will they be limited on game selection?

Not always. It depends on the site, but all new poker sites should offer a good range of Texas Hold'em cash games and tournaments to suit all budgets, as well as guaranteed prize pools to keep players interested.

Will there be enough players?

New poker rooms sometimes need time to build up player pools. You may find you're waiting for Sit 'n Gos and cash games to fill up at new rooms.

Can I still take advantage of bonuses?

Of course. New poker sites will award free cash for new sign-ups once they've completed enough poker play. New rooms will sometimes make their loyalty bonuses sweeter to keep customers playing on their desktop or mobile sites.