Sit N Go Poker Sites

Sit n Go Poker Sites

If you've ever wanted to play in an online poker site tournament, but didn't want to deal with playing against hundreds or even thousands of players, then sit n go poker is for you. In a sit n go online poker game, you'll have the opportunity to play a short tournament against a set number of opponents, allowing you to get a tournament experience at your convenience. If you've been looking for the best sit n go poker sites for Australians, then look no further than , which offers the biggest range of sit n go tournaments at stakes to suit all players.

  • Quick to play and easy to crush with some simple strategy
  • Find the best poker sites with SNGs running 24/7
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Sit N Go Tournaments

A sit n go poker tournament is very different than a traditional poker tournament. In most tournaments, the event has a set starting time, and is open to any number of players who choose to sign up. This means that in order to play in these tournaments, you’ll need to be available at the proper time and be willing to stay for as long as it takes to finish the event. The fact that this isn’t always possible is what led to the popularity of online sit n go poker tournaments.

This means that players never have to wait to play in the next sit n go tournament; the next game is right around the corner.

In a sit n go online poker tournament, the tournament is set to begin the moment a certain number of players are registered to play. Most commonly, these tournaments are designed to feature one full table of nine or ten players, though many online sit n go poker tournaments are designed to accommodate more players – sometimes more than 100 on some sites.

At a large site, single table sit n go poker tournaments can launch quickly – sometimes as often as once every minute or less. This means that players never have to wait to play in the next sit n go tournament; the next game is right around the corner. This is one of the biggest advantages of sit n go online poker tournaments: rather than forcing players to plan ahead, they instead allow anyone to sign up at any time and know that they’ll jump right into a new game.

Most sit n go poker tournaments take about an hour to play or less. Of course, tournaments with more players usually take longer to finish, but a single-table tournament will usually finish in about that time frame. In most cases, an online sit n go poker tournament with ten players will pay out the top three finishers; the most common payout structure is 50% to first place, 30% to second, and 20% to third.

Finding the Best Online Poker Sites

We took great care in evaluating the top sites to play online sit n go poker in Australia. At the sites on our list, you’ll be able to play your favourite poker games in the sit n go format at a variety of different stakes levels. Most of these sites allow you to play sit n go poker not only in single-table formats, but also in multi-table and heads-up formats.

We also made sure that each of these sit n go online poker sites offered the kinds of features that were important to our readers. All of these sites are happy to accept players from Australia. In addition, you’ll be able to take advantage of a variety of different deposit methods at each of these sites, making it easy for Australians to move money into their accounts and start playing in sit n go tournaments immediately.

If you’d like to find out why sit n go poker is one of the most popular forms of poker played today, choose one of the great online poker sites we’ve recommended here. In just minutes, you can be taking part in some of the finest sit n go online poker sites Australia has to offer. Click on the link that suits you best and start playing sit n go online poker today!


What are Sit n' Go tournaments?

Sit 'n Gos (SNGs) are online tournaments that start once every seat is full. They don't carry set starting times. Payouts are fixed, with a 10-man SNG usually splitting prize money between the top three places (50 per cent / 30 per cent / 20 per cent).

How do they work?

SNGs can run from 2 to 180 players and begin as soon as every seat is full. Blind levels are usually pretty fast (5-10 minutes each) and it's possible to multi-table SNGs if you can manage several at a time. Sit 'n Gos are normally played No Limit Texas Hold'em.

Where can I find these tournaments?

Every decent poker site for Aussies carries a spread of SNGs at all buy-ins. Head to the Sit 'N' Go tab in the poker site lobby and choose the tournament you want to sit at. Once you've taken your seat, the game will start once all the seats have been filled. You can also unregister before the start of a game.

Can anyone play?

Yes. Sit 'n Gos are available at all stakes (other than freerolls) and with some easy strategy it's possible to grind out some nice profits. SNGs are fairly ABC at the lower stakes, and due to the fast blind structure you can employ the same moves time and time again.

What are the jackpots like?

Payouts are usually split the same way in a 9/10-man SNG (50 percent for 1st, 30 percent for 2nd, and 20 percent for 3rd), but you can make the tournaments work for you. On some networks, Jackpot SNGs pool a small portion of each buy-in which contributes to a bigger prize pool. If you win, or come 2nd, in consecutive SNGs, you'll take down the jackpot.