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Written by Keith Brown
Keith Brown has been an online poker player since the earliest days and has accounts on numerous sites. He plays fewer cash games today, spending more time on tournaments and writing about poker.

Fresh Deck Poker is a part of GSN Games, which adds extra backing and credibility to the offering at Fresh Deck Poker. Plus, GSN owns some of the most beloved slots titles like Wheel of Fortune, Deal or No Deal and Video Bingo, which can be used as mini-games to snag even more free chips.

Of course, trust is always a big deal with social casinos, particularly for Aussies. Everyone claims to have a random number generator, but Fresh Deck Poker goes above and beyond, having its random number generator certified by a third party. This way you know that you can trust Fresh Deck Poker to truly offer reliably fair gaming.

Here are some quick points you should know about Fresh Deck Poker:

  • Switch between Facebook and Mobile without missing a hand
  • Android, iOS and Kindle Supported
  • Regular and turbo speed tables and tournaments
  • Bonus chips given daily
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Main Features of Fresh Deck Poker

Fresh Deck Poker pride themselves on their mobile and social credentials. Unlike other social casinos Fresh Deck Poker actually lets you play the same game of Texas Hold'em, even when you swap over from playing on Facebook to playing on your mobile device. This means no more missed hands, getting kicked from a hot table or having to find your friends all over again. Simply start playing on social media, and take the game with you on your mobile device.

Fresh Deck Poker actually lets you play the same game of Texas Hold'em, even when you swap over from playing on Facebook to playing on your mobile device.

The random number generator at Fresh Deck Poker is certified by FLI, the same company that certifies all real money gaming machines like Vegas slot machines and state lottery machines. This means that you can play with 100% confidence that every single hand is dealt fairly. They even make their certification available to players for full transparency.

We know that you want to play a good looking poker game. It's a huge part of the experience. If all you cared about was the statistics of playing a good hand, you could play an ancient looking text-based poker game. No, we want to be able to craft fun and interesting avatars, play at an active and social table, and get that same level of vibe and excitement online as we'd otherwise get in a physical casino.

In fact, online casinos can offer even more thrill as you don't need to wait around for random strangers if you don't want to. Fresh Deck Poker helps you find your friends and easily get a poker game going, without having to leave the house or worry about who is bringing drinks. Of course, if you want to meet new people, poker is a wonderful way to do so, especially at the numerous high speed tables and tournaments on offer.

There's a reason Fresh Deck Poker won awards for Spirit of Poker and Operator Innovation. It's wonderful to see such a busy, exciting and well crafted social casino for poker players of all levels. No wonder Fresh Deck Poker already has nearly half a million followers on Facebook.

Games Offered

When it comes to social casinos, many try to be everything to everyone. Not Fresh Deck Poker. They know that their fans are really poker fans, who want the most authentic experience possible in a social or mobile game. That's why they focus almost purely on Texas Hold'em. Sure, they also offer Royal Hold'em and a variety of slot games as bonus games, but the core of the experience is focused around the most popular variety of poker online or in person.

Don't be daunted by this, though. There are leaderboards and careful tracking of player levels. If you want to play with friends, you totally can. Or, if your friends are beating you the whole time, you can practice against strangers who are more evenly matched with you while you learn the tricks of the game. The more you play, the more you level up, unlocking challenges, table environments and even special avatars. Plus, you don't need to worry about running out of chips. You can get plenty of free chips every day from the reel poker mini game, or else be sure to follow Fresh Deck Poker on Facebook where they are giving away thousands of free chips pretty much every day.

Mobile gaming

It's hard to believe how popular smartphones and tablets have become in the past ten years. Some of us might remember when it was a big deal to have a smartphone, whereas now it's shocking to find someone who doesn't have one. Aussies use our mobile devices throughout the day. Whether we use them to message loved ones, read the news, follow what people are up to on Facebook or even get an Uber, most of us can't imagine our lives without our smartphones or tablets. The same goes for online gaming.

Mobile gaming is a big deal with Fresh Deck Poker, primarily because of the way they let you swap and change across social and mobile experiences. Many of us use multiple devices in the day. Perhaps you sit at your computer in the morning, but go out for lunch or sit outside for dinner. With Fresh Deck Poker, you don't need to worry about losing your spot at a fantastic poker table just because you are leaving your computer. Swap from social to mobile gaming, and take the exact same game with you wherever you go, without missing a hand. Whether you want to play a few quick hands while out and about, or you just want to relax and play from the comfort of your couch, mobile gaming is ideal for any poker fan.

Customer Service

We always pay close attention to the customer service offered at any social casino. Games and cool aesthetics are one thing, but the reality is that tech can have glitches or people can become irate. Even the best online casino will have issues, and it's important that those problems can be resolved before they get in the way of the fun and fair gameplay.

Fresh Deck Poker is clearly aware of this, and we love to see how proactive they are in making sure their fans are taken care of. Whether you leave them a review on Google Play, or a comment on Facebook, they respond quickly to fix whatever went wrong and bring you back to having fun. They have an online form if you want to send an email to their team, or else you can always reach out to them on Facebook.


How authentic is Fresh Deck Poker?

Very! The joy of Fresh Deck Poker is that you can customize a cool avatar and sit at a 'real' table with friends or strangers, playing a fun and fair game of Texas Hold'em. Sure, some of the avatars might include animals or aliens, but that just adds to the character of the table while the core game remains solidly poker.

Can I play on mobile or tablet?

For sure. It's encouraged at Fresh Deck Poker thanks to the ability to swap and change between social and mobile gaming. Start a game on Facebook and feel free to finish it on Android, iOS or Kindle Fire.

Are they recommended for Australian players?

Yes. Fresh Deck Poker have built themselves up and are a high quality and reputable social casino. With fantastic and varied tables, as well as plenty of traffic during peak Australian game times, you can be sure that this is a great destination for Aussies looking for excellent Texas Hold'em.

Do they have a good number of regular players?

Yes. Fresh Deck Poker has hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans, many who play daily. You can be sure that whenever you choose to play, there will be plenty of people who are waiting to play with you, too.

Is it hard to sign up?

Not at all! Thanks to excellent Facebook integration, sign up is quick and easy. You can be up and running in a matter of moments, ready to enjoy everything Fresh Deck Poker has to offer.

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