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Written by Keith Brown
Keith Brown has been an online poker player since the earliest days and has accounts on numerous sites. He plays fewer cash games today, spending more time on tournaments and writing about poker.

As a franchise, Governor of Poker has been around since 2006. In that time, it has built a loyal following on social media and developed a variety of poker and other casino-inspired games. However, Governor of Poker takes a unique approach to social gaming that makes it stand out from other such experiences, and it makes it a truly fresh, fun and singular kind of poker game.

The idea behind Governor of Poker is that you are in the wild west, playing poker as you move through town and build up new areas, unlocking yet more poker tables. It's part adventure story, part poker game, and it has kept players coming back for more. When you see the latest version of the game, Governor of Poker 3, you'll totally understand why. It has superior graphics, technical aspects and gameplay as you travel through El Paso on a poker journey.

Thanks to the fresh look of the game, along with the cool adventure story as a means of proving your poker skills, Governor of Poker 3 has garnered over 350 000 likes on Facebook with a thriving, vibrant community. There are frequent giveaways and bonuses on social media, all of which involve active community engagement to help people meet each other and find new friends to play with.

Here are some quick points you should know about Governor of Poker:

  • Android, iOS, PC and Mac supported
  • Adventure game to unlock new poker variations
  • Bonus chips given daily
  • Cross play enabled
  • Reliable and consistent history
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Main Features of Governor of Poker

Governor of Poker prides itself on giving you more than just a poker game, but a full experience. Rise through levels and unlock new missions, new saloons and new cities, all by playing your best hand of Texas Hold'em. You can unlock achievements, customize your character and eventually become the best poker player in the Wild West if you play your cards right.

Governor of Poker prides itself on giving you more than just a poker game, but a full experience.

With different poker variations, like sit and go tournaments, push or fold, big win and royal poker, Governor of Poker 3 ensures that you get to enjoy the full range of poker gaming without ever getting bored. Aussies in particular enjoy the Wild West aesthetic, collecting achievements and unlocking new poker games through an entertaining progression system. The further you get, the higher the stakes, until you're eventually getting up to a million chips. Governor of Poker 3 proves that you don't need to have real money in the pot for a poker game to be incredibly exciting.

When you sign up, you'll get a big stack of poker chips along with a cowboy or cowgirl hat. Then, every four hours, you'll get more chips so you can always play poker. As you complete poker achievements, you can win more chips and XP points, unlocking new tables and becoming well known in your saloon for your amazing poker skills. You can even distinguish yourself by winning badges and trophies, or simply by wearing a hat that suits your style.

Of course, Governor of Poker is primarily a social casino, which is something they highlight with excellent friend and chat integration. You can add friends, invite them to play with you at the same poker table and even send them gifts of free chips. You can even chat with other players using animating emoticons, using them to bluff or taunt players so you can win the hand!

Games Offered

The main game you'll be playing in Governor of Poker 3 is Texas Hold'em. You're playing in Texas in the Wild West, so it makes sense. However, you will also be prompted to play an occasional game of blackjack with the dealer. If that's really your thing, Governor of Poker even has a separate game you can play with even more blackjack.

Just because you're only playing Texas Hold'em doesn't mean that Governor of Poker 3 is boring by any stretch of the imagination. There are a variety of tables to choose from with a whole range of tournaments, plus you'll be pushed to get special achievements. These range from winning with a royal flush or just a pair, to winning a total of 10 000 hands. There are so many achievements, badges and special things to unlock that you will always feel rewarded and that wonderful sense of progression.

Mobile gaming

Australians love mobile devices. Like people around the globe, Aussies are attached to smartphones and tablets, using them more and more throughout the day. Whether you use your mobile to message friends, scroll through social media, check out the latest news or watch a video on YouTube, it's gotten to the point where most of us feel naked without our handheld devices.

Social casinos know that mobile gaming is important. Players want to be able to get their chips or play a few hands while out and about, or relax in the evenings on the couch while playing a tournament. Governor of Poker 3 lets you do exactly that. Thanks to a fantastic integration, you can play through Facebook, or download the software onto your PC or Mac with Steam, or play on your iOS or Android phone or tablet. In fact, you can swap and change between them as you like. Perhaps you like to play on your computer during the day, but switch to mobile in the evenings. That's not a problem thanks to the cross play features on Governor of Poker.

You can download Governor of Poker 3 from the App Store or Google Play store, where both apps are very highly rated. Considering they have so many thousands of players on Android and iPhone or iPad, it's really impressive to see an average 4.5/5 review score, especially with so many glowing reviews written by real users. Even better, though, is to see the follow up from customer support in response to those people who did have issues with the technology.

Customer Service

We all like to think that a high quality company won't have issues or glitches. However, the reality is that nothing is perfect 100% of the time. What's more important to us is that mistakes are rectified and players are supported and kept happy. This is a sentiment that is clearly shared by Governor of Poker.

They have an excellent FAQ section, where players can find answers to questions ranging from technical hiccups to actual poker confusion. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can also submit your question through their email form, or reach out to them on social media where they are very active and helpful.


Does Governor of Poker have enough variety?

Yes. Sure, you're mainly playing Texas Hold'em, but thanks to the different tables, unique aesthetic and fun journey, the game never feels the same or gets stale. Plus, there are so many achievements to unlock that you'll always have a new way to approach the game.

Can I play on a mobile or tablet?

For sure! There is excellent integration with Android and iOS devices so you can continue playing across computer and mobile.

Is it recommended for Australian players?

Yes. Governor of Poker is particularly fun for Aussies who enjoy the Wild West look and feel of the game. Plus, because it has an adventure aspect to go along with the poker, it's fun for players of all levels and walks of life.

Do they have a good number of regular players?

With over 100 000 monthly active users, we'd say so. You'll never struggle to find a game, with a ton of players online during peak Australian gaming hours.

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