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Written by Keith Brown
Keith Brown has been an online poker player since the earliest days and has accounts on numerous sites. He plays fewer cash games today, spending more time on tournaments and writing about poker.

Founded in August 2010, Live Hold'em Poker Pro already has 1.3 million Facebook fans, making it one of the biggest social casinos. This is particularly impressive when you think that they only focus on one game, Texas Hold'em.

Live Hold'em Pro was developed by Dragonplay, launching the first ever social poker app in the Google Play store. Dragonplay was so successful, it was merged into Scientific Games interactive division when acquired by Bally Technologies. This serves as a testament to how impressive the technology is, showcasing excellent software that brings the most exciting poker available, straight to your fingertips.

What makes Live Hold'em Pro so special is already apparent in the name. You get access to real-time Texas Hold'em Poker! No need to travel all the way from Australia to Las Vegas casinos or even poker nights with friends, you can get all the thrill and excitement of a live poker tournament from the comfort of your computer or even your mobile device.

Here are some quick points you should know about Live Hold'em Pro:

  • Android and iOS supported
  • Poker challenges
  • Live gameplay
  • Chat with real poker stars
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Main features of Live Hold'em Pro

There's something special about a social casino that only focuses on one game. By not getting bogged down in running multiple variations of poker games and pokies, Live Hold'em Pro is able to zero in on what makes Texas Hold'em so popular. What they are doing is certainly working, too, as in the past 13 years, Live Hold'em Pro has grown to almost 1.5 million Facebook likes.

Live Hold'em Pro is so focused on the vibe, on the thrill of the game.

Most online casinos tend to offer an experience that is faster than what you can get in a physical casino. While this might appeal to some people, there are plenty of Aussies who want to experience something more realistic. Part of the joy of playing Texas Hold'em comes in the mind games. How quickly does your competitor bet or call? Are they bluffing or really holding amazing cards? Judging the other players' mindset, or just playing psychological games can be a huge part of the allure when it comes to poker games. This is something that many social casinos struggle to replicate. Thanks to their custom-built technology, Live Hold'em Pro can bring this nuanced experience to your computer or mobile device.

We know that you want excitement when it comes to poker games. No one plays poker to be bored or underwhelmed. That's why Live Hold'em Pro is so focused on the vibe, on the thrill of the game. No matter where you play, they promise the most extreme poker that you can get.

One of the most intriguing things about Live Hold'em Pro actually comes from the Pro part of the name. Sure, it's meant to just signify that you're the pro of the game, but there are also actual professional poker players who frequent Live Hold'em Pro. You can chat to them in game, and get all kinds of tips and pointers to improve your game. Plus it's just cool to be able to talk to real poker pros. If this is an app that they're playing on, that pretty much speaks for itself.

Games Offered

Live Hold'em Poker Pro only offers Texas Hold'em. But that doesn't mean that it's boring. There are also poker challenges, a range of tournaments and speed games to keep you entertained. Plus there's a lottery draw, lucky hand, daily bonuses and more action to keep you on your toes. Also, you can make use of the multiplayer live chat and virtual gifts if you so please.

Mobile gaming

The demand for mobile gaming is rising, and social casinos are listening. The reality is that people are accustomed to doing everything on their phones. Whether we send messages, browse social media, book a hotel or call for an Uber, our smartphones are increasingly our primary devices. We even feel naked if we leave the house without it!

Live Hold'em Pro was the first live Texas Hold'em game on the Google Play store. Since its launch in 2010, it has garnered over a million downloads with over 850 000 five-star reviews and over 150 000 four-star reviews. People certainly enjoy the game enough to download and positively review it. Of course you can also find some negative reviews for the app, but with an average 4.6/5 rating on Google and the App Store, it's certainly a high quality experience.

This means that you can add live Texas Hold'em to the list of things you do on your smartphone or tablet. Whether you choose to play a quick game when taking a break while out and about, or you work your way through the ranks of a tournament from the comfort of your couch, mobile gaming makes Live Hold'em Pro even better.

Customer Service

We know Aussie demand quality customer service. We want to experience something wonderful, and if it isn't great we need for people to be able to fix it. The app includes full customer service messaging, or you can always send the customer support team a message on Facebook.

We liked to see the open channels of communication, although we couldn't gauge for ourselves how quick the response time might be. Unlike other social casinos, the team doesn't seem to monitor their reviews and respond to problems there to try and resolve any issues. Hopefully that's a place they look to improve soon.


How authentic is Live Hold'em Pro?

Very! If you're looking for a Texas Hold'em game that has all the excitement, interaction and thrill of a physical poker game, Live Hold'em Pro is the best.

Can I play on a mobile or tablet?

Definitely. Dragonplay were so innovative, they were actually the first ones to launch such a game on the Google Play store. They were even awarded special funding to bring them game to iOS because it was so popular. So far, it's only available on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets, but at this rate it seems likely that they might get picked up to expand onto other systems in the future.

Are they recommended for Australian players?

Yes they are. Live Hold'em Pro has grown into a large and reputable social casino with well over a million fans on Facebook. With fantastic gaming and plenty of traffic during peak Australian gaming times, you can rest assured that this is an excellent Texas Hold'em site for Aussies.

Do they have a good number of regular players?

Yes. Live Hold'em Pro is bustling with activity. With well over a million Facebook fans, there are always people up for an exciting, live game of Texas Hold'em.

Is it hard to sign up?

Nope! They have a great Facebook integration which makes sign up quick and easy. You can be up and running and playing a live game of Texas Hold'em in just a few moments.

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