Free Online Poker Odds Calculator: Improve Your Play

Have you ever wondered what your odds were of catching that draw you're chasing? Or are you curious about just how unlikely that last bad beat was? If so, we invite you to use our online poker odds calculator to answer all of your questions about what play you could (or should) have made.

With our handy widget, you can input any poker situation you can think of from a variety of popular variants into our odds calculator to see the statistics of each hand winning in any given matchup.

Why Odds Are Important In Poker

Ever wonder why players are obsessed with the odds in poker? Here are a few reasons why you should know the odds inside and out:

  • Knowing the odds of hands winning before the flop helps determine whether or not you should play each hand at all, or fold before any money goes in.
  • Knowing the odds of winning later in the hand can help you decide whether or not you think a hand that may not be best know is worth continuing with: if you only have a 25% chance of winning, but you only have to put $20 into a $100 pot, that's still a profitable poker hand to play.
  • More advanced concepts like pot odds (the amount in the pot compared to what you must bet), implied odds (the extra money you might win later in a hand), and reverse implied odds (what your opponents could later win from you) can only be properly applied if you first understand the basic odds of each hand winning the pot.

How to Use Our Poker Calculator

Using our poker odds online calculator is quite simple, but let's run through an example to see how it works. First, you'll want to pick the game you're playing from the dropdown menu in the bottom-left corner. By default, you'll see this set to Texas Hold'em, but you can also change this to various types of Omaha, Seven Card Stud, or even Razz. For this example, we'll stick with hold'em, which is the most popular poker game in Australia.

Next, you'll need to tell the poker calculator how many players you want to have dealt into the hand. At the top of the widget, you'll see a representation of a poker table, with two players dealt into the hand by default. If you'd like to have more players take part in the hand, simply click the "deal in" button underneath one of the seats at the table. If you accidentally put too many hands into the online poker calculator, you can always click "deal out" to remove the excess hands. Again, for this simple explanation, we'll just stick with our two players.

Click on the "calculate odds" button at the bottom of the calculator, and the poker calculator will go to work, simulating hands.

Now it's time to tell the poker hand calculator just what hands you want it to calculate! Below the table, you'll see a graphic with all 52 cards from a standard deck, organised by suit. There are two ways to put cards into the hands of each player. First, you can draw a card from the display to one of the positions in a player's hand. Alternately, you can click on a card and have to go into the next available spot in a player's hand � first filling the first player's hand, then the second, and so on.

You can also drag cards into the flop and turn positions on the community card board in the centre of the table (or click on cards to place them there if all player hands are filled). In our example, we'll give one player the jack and ten of diamonds, and the other player both black deuces.

Now it's time to make the poker calculator tell us the odds for this hand! Click on the "calculate odds" button at the bottom of the calculator, and the poker calculator will go to work, simulating hands. After a few seconds, you'll have your results: in this case, you should see that the jack-ten suited wins about 54% of the time, the deuces about 45%, and about 1% of hands end in a tie. Since these results are based on large simulations, there will be some small variation in the numbers each time you run a calculation.

If you'd like to share your calculation, you can do so by clicking the "share or export odds button below the poker calculator. This will give you code you can use on forums or a plain text version of the results that you can copy and paste to share elsewhere.

Poker Odds Chart and Starting Hands Guide

This free chart shows you the odds of winning when you are drawing, based on the number of outs you have. There is also a great poker hands odds chart that shows when you should call, raise, and fold. Use these tools to improve your game! Click to expand the image or download the Poker Odds Chart pdf.

Poker Odds Chart

Why Use an Online Poker Calculator?

These days, a thorough knowledge of the odds is critical for any serious poker player. All good Aussie poker players will know not only how likely it is for a particular draw to come in, but also how likely they are to ultimately win a hand based on what one or more opponents might be holding. They know the kinds of hands that play well heads-up, and which hands do better against two or more opponents.

All of this knowledge can be gained through the use of an online poker calculator. You can also use calculators to review your play, allowing you to know if the bets you made were really as smart as you thought they were. By combining the odds you get from our poker odds calculator with the size of the pot and the amount you bet, you can know whether an all-in call was profitable or not � allowing you to get a better sense of whether you should make similar plays in the future.