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Written by Keith Brown
Keith Brown has been an online poker player since the earliest days and has accounts on numerous sites. He plays fewer cash games today, spending more time on tournaments and writing about poker.

With almost 66 million likes on Facebook, there is truly no denying it, Zynga Poker is the most popular social poker game out there. You probably already have a handful of friends playing Zynga Poker, and some of them might surprise you. Zynga Poker appeals to a range of players, from the casual players who like to try their luck at the occasional hand of poker, to the die-hard professionals who spend hours a day playing and honing their skill. Whatever your level or interest, Zynga Poker has something for you.

One of the things that appeals to the most to players, particularly Australian poker fans, is the guarantee of fair play. Just like a Las Vegas casino, Zynga Poker is officially certified to play like a real table experience. That means that you can trust the random number generator dictating the next card, and truly know that you won or lost based on your skill and the luck of the draw. There's no chance of rigging at Zynga Poker.

Also important is just how general Zynga is with chips. There is plenty of opportunity to win chips off of your fellow players, but you also don't have to worry about losing your shirt. Signing up will get you 60 000 free chips, and there are daily bonuses and giveaways of millions more chips. You'll always be able to play!

Here are some quick points you should know about Zynga Poker:

  • Authentic Texas Hold'em
  • Android, Apple, PC, Mac and Windows Phone supported
  • Active and engaged community
  • Generous bonuses and freebies
  • Reliable history and established social casino
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Main Features of Zynga Poker

Established in 2007, Zynga has pretty much been around since the beginning of social gaming. When Facebook was in its infancy and smartphones were the latest and most novel kind of technology, Zynga was there making social and mobile experiences. They've come a long way since then, though, learning from their mistakes and growing as a brand. Today, the Zynga Poker Facebook page has almost 66 million likes, making it easily the biggest and most popular destination for social poker. You probably know people who are playing it right now.

Zynga Poker is designed with players in mind, making sure that you always have fun.

Many companies that were around at the beginning of social gaming have disappeared as that bubble burst, but Zynga is still going strong thanks to their specific focus. Zynga Poker is designed with players in mind, making sure that you always have fun. You can play with your friends, having a weekly poker game with your buddies without needing to worry about cleaning up, or you can make new friends thanks to the fantastic social interface. Help your friends out in a poker challenge or send free chips. At Zynga Poker, it pays to be social, as many people report having the most fun when playing with regular poker pals, and getting free chips from those same friends when their luck is down.

Zynga Poker also helps keep you from ever getting bored thanks to the numerous tournaments and leagues on offer. There are a variety of ways to play, including a shoot out tournament or casual game, fast or slow table, or a sit 'n go game. This means that you can prove your worth by winning a weekly tournament, or coming out on top in the league. Or, you can just relax and play a different kind of game with your different groups of friends. Either way, you'll be getting an authentic Texas Hold'em experience.

Games Offered

Zynga Poker focuses on the most popular poker game out there, Texas Hold'em. The variety comes from the different types of tables and players out there. You can practice your poker game whether you're a beginner or an expert, learning the rules of the game and eventually progressing to truly understanding your odds, when to raise or when to call, and how to know when you have a winning hand, or just a winning understanding of your opponents.

Plus, Zynga Poker remembers how you like to play. Once you've played a couple times, the intuitive lobby system will remember you and automatically get you to your favourite table. Imagine if a physical casino could do that?

Mobile gaming

It's hard to believe how rapid the rise has been in mobile gaming. Australia in particular has seen in credible growth thanks to the prevalence of smartphones and tablets. We use our phones for almost everything, from checking the weather and messaging friends to reading up on the news, scrolling through social media and summoning an Uber. So of course social casinos were bound to find an ideal home there. What could be more fun than sending an important email and then crushing an opponent at Texas Hold'em?

Zynga Poker has a stellar mobile app on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Thanks to fantastic integration with Facebook, you can sign up once and use your account across any platform you so wish. If you want to start playing on Facebook on a borrowed computer, then switch to a downloaded app on your usual PC, and finally relax while playing a tournament on your smartphone, you can do just that. Zynga Poker has been around long enough to truly know and understand its audience, ensuring the best possible mobile experience.

What makes Zynga Poker so special are the rich animations combined with the fun, modern, sophisticated background. These make gameplay so much more enjoyable. Plus, on smartphones and tablets, they have smarter precision controls that are built with your fingertips in mind. This ensures that you have a smooth, enjoyable poker experience, right at the tip of your fingers.

Checking the reviews for their mobile app, you can see they average about a 4.4/5 rating. That's pretty impressive considering how many downloads they have, with almost 1.7 million people playing on Android alone. While you can't expect to please everyone, it's great to see the majority of people using Zynga Poker are happy players.

Customer Service

Even a company as old and experienced as Zynga can run into issues. While most of the time they offer a seamlessly enjoyable game, there will always be technical hiccups when you have so many players. It stops being a matter of eradicating all problems, but rather how a company deals with those issues. Zynga has definitely learned that lesson.

Their customer support is apparent across the board. You can see their social media team is always available to answer questions or resolve issues on Facebook, or you can reach out to them directly through the app or using an email form.


Is Zynga Poker reliable?

Yes. Zynga Poker has excellent customer service and an authentic Texas Hold'em gameplay. Plus, they've been around for so many years, you can trust that they deliver on a fair, enjoyable poker experience.

Can I play on mobile or tablet?

Of course! Zynga Poker is built to be played whenever, wherever you want to play. You can play on an Android, iOS or Windows Phone device, seamlessly changing from desktop to mobile if you so wish.

Is it recommended for Australian players?

Definitely. Zynga Poker has been around for many years and established itself as a name Aussies can trust. Plus, with its massive install base, Australian players can be assured that there are plenty of people up for a game during their peak play times.

Do they have a good number of regular players?

Yes. With millions of Facebook fans and mobile downloads, there are more than enough players online at any given time. You won't need to worry about finding friends to play with as there is always an active vibe on Zynga Poker.

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